Packing List

Printable Packing List

Whether this is a first experience or one of many experiences, there is always a sense of excitement and anxiety when it comes to packing that centers around making sure the “right” gear and clothing find their way into our bags.

If you need technical information to help you evaluate camping gear, see the Technical Gear Appendixwhere it details camper gear needed, points to consider prior to purchase, etc.  Do not hesitate to contact our camp office with any questions! If you would like a 1-2 page, bare bones packing checklist, check out our Printable Packing ListFor our JOLI campers, pay special attention to items noted as required for JOLI on the list.

Top 5 – Bring To Camp

1.  Clothing that can play in the dirt

2.  Warm layers for mountain nights

3.  High quality rain jacket

4.  Warm bedding including a sleeping bag

5.  Headlamp (flashlight)

Top 5 – Won’t Need At Camp

1.  Electronic devices

2.  Food (no outside food allowed)

3.  Inappropriate clothing

4.  Valuables or large sums of money

5.  Trunk or hard-sided suitcase

Packing List

Please use the following list as a guide.  We are a rustic outdoors camp and subscribe to the motto:  “Dirt is clean, but filth is dirty.”  You may choose to bring more of one item and less of another.  

Label everything with your camper’s first and last names.

◻10-15 short-sleeve shirts include 1-2 hiking/running shirts & hometown t-shirt
◻4-5 pairs shorts at least 2 pair of nylon or other quick-dry material (more if camper gets dirty easily)
◻1 pair quick dry pants recommended, not required for Ilanot (entering grades 3&4)
◻1-2 pair jeans/long pants
◻1 pair sweatpants or fleece pants
◻2-3 sweatshirts & 1 fleece jacket temperatures can fall into the 30s some nights
◻1 warm jacket down-filled or synthetically insulated, temperatures can fall into the 30s some nights
◻15 pair socks for campers entering grades 7-12, at least 5 pairs should be non-cotton (wool or synthetic); for campers entering grades 5&6, at least 3 pairs   should be non-cotton
◻15 pair underwear
◻1 bathing suit one piece or tankini; no bikinis
◻rain jacket rainproof & breathable; not a windbreaker
◻rain pants optional for campers entering grades 3-10; mandatory for JOLI
◻1 stocking cap or winter hat
◻2-3 pairs pajamas
◻1-2 Shabbat outfits white shirt, blouse, or sweater with khaki pants or shorts, skirt, or dress
◻1-2 long sleeve shirts
◻1-2 hats with brim (baseball cap or sunhat)
◻1 pair sneakers
◻1 pair sandals/water shoes shoes that can be secured to one’s feet, like Teva or Keen type sandals, not Crocs; optional for campers entering grades 3&4
◻1 pair shower shoes flip-flops may ONLY be worn for showering
◻1 pair hiking boots/shoes mandatory for JOLI; campers entering grades 7-10 must have if they want to be able to participate in excursions like hiking and rock climbing; optional for campers entering grades 5&6; not required for campers entering grades 3&4

◻1 sleeping bag compressible/lightweight 20oF(-7oC) or warmer
◻2 bath towels & 2 washcloths
◻1 laundry bag
◻1 bottle sunscreen
◻1 comb or brush
◻caddy or bag to carry items to shower every day the bathhouse is emptied of items left behind; a caddy/bag greatly increases the chances of campers bringing their things with them back to their ohel
◻shampoo/conditioner, soap commercial soap & shampoo dispensers are installed in all showers; no need to send these items, unless camper prefers their own
◻1 pillow & 2 pillowcases
◻2 fitted twin size sheets
◻1 twin blanket (if space permits)
◻2 tubes lip balm
◻1 tube toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss
◻menstrual hygiene products, if needed
◻1 bottle non-aerosol insect repellent (optional)

Please bring eco-friendly toiletries. 

Eventually, all the chemicals that go down the drain or spill on the ground end up downstream.

◻Tallit/Tzizit required for boys over 13; strongly encouraged for girls over 12
◻T’fillin required for boys over 13; strongly encouraged for girls over 12
◻Kippot (with clips, if needed)

Note:  While some boys have a custom to wait until they are married to wear a tallit, all males of Bar Mitzvah age are expected to wear either Tallit or Tzizit at Shacharit

◻pens, paper, stamps, address labels
◻day pack or fanny pack
◻extra pair glasses/extra contacts
◻appropriate books or magazines
◻Shabbat shoes
◻climbing shoes, harness
◻sunglasses with strap
◻2 canteens/water bottles, 1 liter each
◻headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries
◻camera, memory card & batteries
◻trekking poles
◻quick-dry towel
◻riding helmet, shoes