Packing List

Printable Packing List

Whether this is your first summer camp experience or one of many, there is always a sense of excitement and anxiety when it comes to packing and making sure the “right” gear and clothing find their way into our bags.

Our Printable Packing List includes both a bare-bones packing checklist as well as a Technical Gear Guide with information that will help you choose the right camping gear for your chalutzim (campers). For our JOLI and Sayarim campers who will be participating in more intensive masa’ot (backcountry excursions), please pay special attention to the items listed as required.

Top 5 – Bring To Camp

1.  Clothing that can play in the dirt

2.  Warm layers for mountain nights

3.  High quality rain jacket

4.  Warm bedding including a sleeping bag

5.  Headlamp (flashlight)

Top 5 – Won’t Need At Camp

1.  Electronic devices

2.  Food (no outside food allowed)

3.  Inappropriate clothing

4.  Valuables or large sums of money

5.  Trunk or hard-sided suitcase