The Edot (Age Groups)

Click here for information about our Inclusion Program, which is available for eligible campers of any age. 

2nd – 4th Grade “Taste of Ramah” Program
Throughout this four day, three night experience campers will try our most popular chuggim (activities), embark on a mini daytime masa (backcountry excursion), and participate in all the fun of daily life at camp – from living in an ohel (tent) to bonding with their bunkmates and counselors! Click here to learn more about Ta’am Ramah.

Picture of Ilanot

3rd & 4th Grade Program – Ilanot
Our youngest chalutzim (campers) experience all the activities Ramah in the Rockies has to offer! From horseback riding to farming, and from archery to mining, campers rotate through our most popular base camp chuggim (activities) each week. The fun doesn’t end there! Our Ilanot chalutzim also enjoy the magic of masa’ot (backcountry excursions) with day hikes, field trips, and camp outs at the far corners of our property. Ilanot lays the foundation for our chalutzim to become lifelong Ramahniks!

Picture of Metayalim5th & 6th Grade Program – Metayalim
Rising 5th and 6th graders are ready to challenge themselves, and our program gives them that opportunity. While our Metayalim chalutzim continue to enjoy a wide sampling of our base camp offerings, they are also able to pursue their individual interests by choosing one of their daily chuggim (activities). Especially for our Metayalim chalutzim are rafting and/or backpacking masa’ot (backcountry excursions), which help prepare them for the longer masa’ot they’ll experience when they graduate to Solelim.

7th, 8th, and 9th Grade Program – Solelim and Bogrim 

Solelim (7th & 8th)Bogrim (8th & 9th)
Two-week option for rising 7th/8th grade

Four-week option for rising 7th grade

Two-week option for rising 9th grade

Four-week option for rising 8th/9th grade

Picture of Solelim

Our 7th – 9th grade chalutzim who attend camp for two weeks get a taste of our full program, with increased focus on the connections built within their bunk community.

Rising 7th & 8th grade chalutzim will experience the variety of our three-night/ four-day Solelim Masa’ot, while rising 9th graders go on our full week masa’ot with their Bogrim peers.  This two-week option is perfect for chalutzim who want a taste of the Ramah in the Rockies experience!

The mountain’s call does not go unanswered for our 7th and 8th grade chalutzim! Backpacking, archery, rock climbing, mountain biking, and rafting are just some of the masa’ot (backcountry excursions) choices available. Lasting four days and three nights, our Solelim campers not only challenge themselves and hone their skills, but they also learn life lessons in overcoming adversity and learning how much they are able capable of achieving.

Picture of BogrimBogrim campers are ready to take things to the next level with increased independence in pursuing program activities that excite them and allow them to truly customize their experience here at Ramah in Rockies. From selecting base camp chuggim (activities) and engaging in more in-depth backcountry skills, our 8th and 9th grade chalutzim establish firm foundations for their intensive, five-day/ four-night masa’ot (backcountry excursions) that can take them kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, or backpacking.

Picture of 10th Grade Program10th Grade Program – Sayarim
In our new 10th grade program, chalutzim (campers) focus on their choice of a core base camp activity and develop serious backcountry skills. Spending half of the day in their ‘major,’ with campers choosing between activities such as biking, climbing, orienteering, and farming and the other half in a combination of backcountry skill-building, Jewish learning, and leadership development, our rising 10th graders will be ready for all that their two intensive masa’ot (backcountry excursions) have to offer them! Their first masa, which is determined by their major, brings the skills they acquired while at base camp fully to life as our campers are challenged – spiritually, physically, and mentally.  On their second masa – backpacking – backcountry strengths are honed and expanded as our chalutzim are prepared for the next step – becoming mentors and leaders. Recognizing their growing role as future pathfinders, our 10th grade campers enjoy a later curfew and also have a dedicated moadon (hangout space)  available to them. Successful completion of this edah is highly recommended as a pre-requisite to our JOLI program. Click here for more information about Sayarim!

Picture of JOLI11th Grade Program – JOLI
JOLI – the culmination of the Ramah in the Rockies experience – is a rigorous Jewish leadership program. Participants learn soft skills, such as leadership and communication practices, while further developing their hard skills, such as outdoor survival. Chalutzim (campers) divide their time between base camp programming, serving as counselors-in-training for younger chalutzim, and a six day masa (backcountry excursion) – including a solo – during which their skills are put to the test! Members of our JOLI program are not just campers, they are future counselors (madrichim) and specialists (mumchim).  At base camp, they can put their increased knowledge to use as role models for our younger chalutzim. To learn even more about our JOLI program, click here.

12th Grade Program – Ramah Seminar in Israel
Ramah Israel Seminar is a six-week travel program in Israel, designed for rising 12th graders who are former campers of the ten Ramah overnight camps in North America. For over 50 years, Ramah Seminar has proven itself to be an outstanding way for teens to experience Israel. Seminar participants travel Israel from north to south, gaining an in-depth perspective of Israel’s history and future and a deep introduction to the Jewish state. Automatic grants are available for Ramah in the Rockies alumni who would like to attend Ramah Israel Seminar. Please contact for more information