Ramah Rockies,COVID Update,Jewish Camp

Dear Families,
With the last of the leaves having fallen from the trees, and snow already on the ground at our ranch, we have fully turned our attention to reopening camp in 2021. We just completed one of our best super-early bird registration periods and have more chalutzim (campers) registered today than any other early November in recent years. If your child registered before Yom Kippur, you should have received your sweatshirt. Everyone else who is registered should receive it in 3-4 weeks. Thank you to all who continue to spread the word about Ramah in the Rockies! We hope to register an additional 100 campers before the summer begins and know that most will come through word-of-mouth.Before Thanksgiving, we will release our first operations manual that will describe how we plan to open amidst a likely continued COVID pandemic. We plan to hold regular town hall meetings with our broader camp community about our COVID plans beginning in the first week in December.

We would also like to update you on a few edah grouping changes that are necessary both due to the missed 2020 season as well as the need for social distancing and podding at camp. These changes only affect the 2021 season.

  • Solelim will include all rising 7th and 8th graders. When possible, we will have a rising 7th grade ohel (tent) and also a rising 8th grade ohel. Two-week chalutzim (campers) are welcome to join the first two weeks of each session, though no two-week chalutzim will be joining this edah for the final two weeks (B sessions) of each four week session.
  • Bogrim and Sayarim (rising 9th and rising 10th graders) will be combined into a single edah. We will take programming aspects of each edah to give chalutzim the best summer possible.
  • We will not be welcoming any new IIB chalutzim this summer. Chalutzim who want to join us for two weeks in the second one month session are invited to do so for IIA (July 22-August 4).
  • We still plan to run our Taam Ramah (Taste of Ramah program) for four days each session, but will be switching the dates to June 28-July 1 and July 26-29.

As a reminder, all our dates and rates are found here
We appreciate the trust you put in us to care for your children. As we head into the winter months, we are staying focused on reopening our camp and giving your children a joyful Jewish experience next summer. Please plan to join us on November 22nd to celebrate our community, and encourage your children to sign up to participate in the singing and dancing below. We know that what our kids need most of all right now is camp! Thank you for being on this journey with us.

-Rabbi Eliav