I wanted to share with all our readers an email sent by one of our camper parents, Barbara Gottesman.  Barbara sent this message to the parent list at her kid’s school.  I think she captures what we are about 100%. –Rabbi Eliav

I’m not sure which Ramah you were considering but I highly recommend Ramah in the Rockies (Outdoor Adventure Camp). We are hosting an info session . . .  and the camp director will be there. Several kids go from the Bay Area each session (with numbers growing) and staff meet the kids at the gate in Denver – flights on South west are nominal. My kids (7th and 10th grades) LIVE for this camp.

What I love about this camp is:
1. Experiences offered that kids can’t get all in one place at a Jewish camp: Rock climbing with Israeli army rock climbing experts, mountain biking trips plus at-camp single trail track, whitewater rafting, backpacking, trail crew (repairing trails in national parks, including building stone stairs), horseback riding. Staff and equipment are impressive.
2. Kids from across the country, Canada and Mexico, plus Israeli shlichim.
3. The camp is run on principles of sustainability with an active farm, vegetable garden, and a real awareness of where your food and resources come from. It promotes healthy and mindful eating and the kids actually cheer when they hear what is being served at a meal.
4. Jewish values and learning provided with choices. I was impressed when I visited that kids are permitted to leave services to take a walk and yet they return – who wouldn’t since the singing is full of energy and spirit.
5. The staff are second to none. They tend to be older than at other camps and are skilled at engaging kids. They actually have a couple of staff at camp whose sole task it is to seek out the quieter kids and connect with them.

There’s so much more that makes this camp exceptional but those are a few if the highlights.
I’m happy to talk with you more, [just give a call]. Or better yet come to the info night on Tuesday.
-Barb Gottesman