Counselors at Night: G-Baby is 3rd from left

By Nathaniel Eisen

Name: Gabi Wasserman, aka G-Baby

Number of years at camp: 3

Favorite things about camp: There’s a vibrancy in every single activity, and every staff member is so full of energy and completely dedicated to providing the best experience they can for the kids.

Favorite masa: Space-Masa (Ilanot). I recently got my space commander certification.

At camp you are G-Baby. Is your personality the same at home as at camp? Absolutely not. During the year, between school and triathlon, I am on lockdown, I don’t have much time to be kinda crazy like I can be at camp.

Favorite Program to run at camp: I like running the duathlon program, because the first time I did the duathlon chug, I had no clue if people would want to do duathlon, like run and bike, but I sort of underestimated the kids, and they really wanted to get out there and push themselves. As soon as I saw that, I was really inspired.

Characterize your relationship with co-counselor, Juiceboxx, in one word? Forever.

Favorite Eidah to work with: Ilanot, because I feel like I have a chance to—they’re so young and energetic and eager and open to everything…. that you can really help create incredible campers, and you have this opportunity to give them memories that they’ll always remember and that will shape them later in life.

Favorite Jewish thing about camp: The energy at Kabbalat Shabbat…Hearing all the energy and singing definitely evokes some kind of reaction in me and makes me feel very special.

How changed through working at camp: I’ve definitely grown as a counselor. My first year, in things like Yom Sport, I was super into it, and very competitive, and I think I lost sight a little bit…personally I could have been a little more focused on the kids’ experience…and my second and third year at camp I was able to rein that in and just make sure the chalutzim were just having the best time they could.