Dear Parents:

Today we started the last session of the 2012 summer season by adding 50 more chalutzim (campers) to our 60 4-weekers. Laughter, hugs, and smiles filled the migrash as they unloaded from the HEA shuttle, the airport bus, and parent vehicles.

The weather was definitely on our side today as we were unloading everyone’s bags. However, during dinner, the rains moved in and the ground is now soaking wet.  But, that’s rural Colorado weather for you – one moment it can be hot and incredibly dry and the next, pouring rain. These bursts of precipitation are a definite welcome compared to the dryness that we experienced earlier in the summer.   Our pasture is finally turning green, though our playing field remains a big dust bowl.

Over the past two days, all of our dirty laundry has been washed and the horses have been received a makeover: we had a farrier come to camp who replaced our horses’ horseshoes. The 4-week chalutzim who were interested had the opportunity to see this event take place.

Today, our four week chalutzim had a chance to ride horses, paint the gaga pits (as part of their limmud prakim), climb our cliffs and bike on our trails.  Tonight, while our younger chalutzim were engaged in group building activities in order to make sure that the new and existing chalutzim get to know each other, Bogrim (9/10th grade), had an evening of “Iron Chef, Ramah Style” with our guest celebrity chef, Joan Nathan.    Joan is in camp for a few days to work with our chalutzim and assist our kitchen staff with menu planning.  We have worked with Joan in the off season to plan our menus and consult on food related issues.  This year, we were able to schedule a time for Joan to actually come and see camp in person.

Tomorrow we have a full day of programing on the ranch.  We will begin our morning with musical teffilot for the younger chalutzim and an intense drumming circle teffilot for our older chalutzim.  Our older chalutzim have chosen the activities that they will be doing at base camp for the remainder of the summer, while our younger chalutzim will be going around to the different program areas with their tents.  Tomorrow, we also begin our new Tikvah (special needs) program, a first at Ramah Outdoor Adventure

Stay tuned for an email about the opening of our 2013 registration!  We hope to have it open by tomorrow night at the latest.

Have a wonderful evening,

Rabbi Eliav Bock