Two important announcements:

#1 Please remember that on November 15th anyone who has already registered for Ramah Outdoor Adventure in 2011 will be entered into a drawing to receive a free embroidered fleece jacket/pullover.  The drawing will be in the afternoon and only registered chalutzim are eligible.

#2 We are pleased to announce a brand  new 11th grade leadership training program:   Click below for more details. . .

Ramah Outdoor Adventure is pleased to announce a new 11th grade leadership training program beginning session II (July 6-August 1) in the 2011 summer!  This program is designed to prepare our oldest chalutzim to become competent outdoor leaders while still being part of the larger camp community.

While at base camp, 11th grade chalutzim will apprentice alongside our specialists in one specific program area while participating in a broad selection of program areas.

The highlight of the session is a twelve day Masah to the remote backcountry of a western national park (e.g. Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park).  Under the supervision of specially selected staff, these young adults will focus on developing tangible personal leadership abilities while building upon their wilderness and survival skills.  This trip will feature a full day solo as well as a special Shabbaton in the wilderness.  Participants will return to base camp prepared to help safely lead younger campers into the back country later in the session.

For more information about this program please visit