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“I saw my first elk in the wild!” [Simon]

“I’ve got to tell my parents about this!” [said upon successfully lighting his first fire with flint. [Daniel]

“I rode a horse for the first time!” [Aviva]

“This is the most awesome camp ever!” [Uri]

We have officially opened camp!  We had our first full day yesterday.  Kids are busy learning to mountain bike, cook over an open fire, climb a natural rope face (with harnesses), play ‘bandana ball’ (both pitcher and kicker are blindfolded), and extreme duck-duck-goose.  They have studied their first Jewish texts together in pairs (chevruta style), and they are learning to understand announcements in Hebrew.   They are reading stories in tents, sharing jokes and feelings, and falling asleep early and quickly.   They have had their first s’mores, their first aliyot to the Torah.  They are leading services and benching after meals and preparing words of Torah for Shabbat.  The gardening activity prepared a plot of ground for a raised bed to grow vegetables.  They have all planted trees.

They are eating healthy and well.  Fresh fruit is plentiful at all times, and much of our produce is coming from a local Jewish owned farm just a couple of hours away.  They are learning not to waste and how to care for the natural beauty that surrounds them.

We danced the Torahs into camp, and made some beautiful arts and crafts out of natural things around us.  Our ‘chalutzim’ (pioneer campers) and ‘chevrat hameyasdim’ (founding staff) are making this camp their own.

Enjoy the pictures from our first couple of days, and know that magic is taking place in the Rocky Mountains.

Shabbat Shalom from Ramah Outdoor Adventure at Ramah in the Rockies!

Rabbi Eliav Bock                                                                                Tammy Dollin

Director, Ramah Outdoor Adventure                                      Project Director, Ramah in the Rockies