It’s official, we met our initial recruitment goal tonight when Vivi from Denver became our 100th camper!  We also filled our 6&7th grade bunks for session II–31 campers in three bunks.  Vivi will be getting a custom made fleece, and on Monday we will pick a name at random from our first 50 registrants and award them a fleece as well–no one should be penalized for registering early! I had intended on writing a longer post today about two experiences I had last week that got me really excited about the upcoming opening of camp: leading 60 kids fro the Chicago Youth Choir and going up to the ranch to lay out the tent platforms.  But this morning was crazy busy as we had 6 new registrants with whom I had to follow up, we hired a music specialist, responded to a number of new camper inquiries and then spent time with Douglas working on the summer schedule.

Before I knew it, I had to leave Denver to begin my drive north to Casper Wyoming where I am overnighting on my way to Pavillion Wyoming where I will be riding horses on a ranch and hopefully pick out 10-12 that we will use at the camp this summer.    So no blog post on the choir or the tents (just the two pictures attached).  And I assure you that the next blog post will be all about Thursday’s day at the horse ranch!