Weekly Parsha Resources

Families often ask us for our favorite resources to learn about the weekly Parsha (Torah portion read each week).

This is a selection of some of our favorite websites to help your family learn together and ask more Torah questions (Hershey’s Kisses optional).

Hadar Institute

Hadar empowers Jews to create and sustain vibrant, practicing, egalitarian communities of Torah, Avodah, and Hesed. They have numerous resources on their website for weekly parsha learning.  

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Online Classes


Hadar’s Devash is a weekly parasha magazine that makes learning Torah sweet. By engaging directly with texts and taking kids seriously as Jews, Devash helps children and grownups discover new ideas, values, and sweet morsels in the weekly Torah portion. Devash is designed for kids aged 7-11 to read independently, or together with families and teachers.  Many of us, in the Ramah community, use these online and in print magazines around our own Shabbat tables. Hadar also produces a wonderful Torah podcast for kids called ‘Torah Time’, hosted by Adira and her mom, Rabbi Miriam-Simma.

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JTS Torah Online

Ramah in the Rockies operates under the auspicious of the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS). Many Ramah leaders, including those at Ramah in the Rockies were trained at JTS. They publish an array of Torah online.

Parsha commentaries by students and teachers at JTS.

My Jewish Learning

According to their website, My Jewish Learning is all about empowering Jewish discovery for anyone interested in learning more. They offer thousands of articles, videos and other resources to help you navigate all aspects of Judaism and Jewish life — from food to history to beliefs and practices. My Jewish Learning was launched in 2003 and is now a part of 70 Faces Media, the largest nonprofit, nondenominational Jewish media organization in North America. Ramah staff often turn to Myjewishlearning.com for educational resources.


BimBam’s digital storytelling sparks connections to Judaism for learners of all ages. While we live in a technology free environment at camp, during the off-season we encourage families to use the wide variety of multi-media online parsha resources available.

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