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Ramah Recipes
We are sharing favorite camp recipes for you to cook at home. Send us photos of your creations and we will share them on our social media accounts!
Rockies’ Granola
Rockies’ Challah

Torah TidBits
Season 1 of Torah TidBits has come to a close, check out every episode below!
Episode 1 – Julia Chatinover
Episode 2 – Zevan Shuster
Episode 3 – Cameron F.
Episode 4 – Alex Hamilton
Episode 5 – Maya, Lela, & Sarita F
Episode 6 – Rabbi Eliav
Episode 7 – Dave Yedid
Episode 8 – The Wassermans
Episode 9 – Nina First
Episode 10 – Rami Budow
Episode 11 – The Gruenwalds
Episode 12 – JChat
Episode 13 – Yoshua Hooper
Episode 14 – Meir B.
Episode 15 – Ben Levitt

Ramah Buddies
If you (tzevet or chalutzim) would like to teach or to learn Torah reading/layning, please click here to fill out our online buddy form. We will make the connections.

Get your Ramah in the Rockies Jam on!
Our SoundCloud account got a slight “facelift,” so be sure to check out all your favorite shirim (songs) and tefillot (prayers) tunes from the past 10 summers!

Wash Your Hands to the Camps Song!

For our Tzevet & Alumni

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Across the Ramah Movement

Ramah Ba’Bayit
A listing of all virtual events and programs being hosted by National Ramah and by other Ramah camps can be found here.

Ramah Anomia
Ramah Codenames
Ramah Taboo

Our Chalutzim and Families

The COVID-19 Reading Challenge – a project by Ezra K.
Flatten the curve with social distancing. Let’s all read 19 books while our schools are closed. Post your own reading lists and reviews using the hashtag #CovidRead19

COVID-19 Quarantine” a Music Video by Boaz S. aka The Fiddlerrockstar