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Summer 2018 is right around the corner, and there’s so much to do before we welcome chalutzim (campers) back to the Ramah in the Rockies Ranch in just a few short months!

Over 500 campers and staff will be attending Ramah in the Rockies in 2018, and we need YOUR help to prepare for our summer season. Click here to RSVP for our annual Volunteer Day on Sunday, June 3rd from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm MDT!

Volunteers can choose from several projects throughout the day; we’ll be planting new trees, erecting tents, assembling bunk beds, and much more! Additionally, volunteers will be the first to take a tour of our new temporary facilities, and will receive a kosher dairy lunch and a free camp t-shirt! Click here to learn more about our temporary facilities.

Volunteer Day, however, is about more than readying camp for the arrival of our chalutzim (campers). This year, it is also a time for celebration! After learning that our Torah had been lost in the fire, Ramah Nyack has donated a Sefer Torah to live permanently at our ranch. We will have a special tekes (ceremony) welcoming this Torah to its new home!

We will arrange group rides to and from camp from the Hebrew Educational Alliance (HEA) AND Rodef Shalom in Denver, Colorado.

Click here to RSVP today! For more information, please contact Matt Levitt at at matt@ramahoutdoors.org or (303) 261-8214 x118.

Interested in volunteering at camp during the year or summer?
Contact Matt Levitt at matt@ramahoutdoors.org or (303) 261-8214 x118 to get involved.