Become a menschMAKER!
What does it take to transform that kid in front of you? Ramah in the Rockies knows, and we challenge every camper every summer to discover their inner mensch. You, too, can help. By investing in our scholarship fund as a monthly menschMAKER, you can ensure that every Jewish kid has the opportunity to learn and grow at Ramah in the Rockies, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

Sign up today in 5 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Ramah in the Rockies Facebook page
  2. Click the DONATE button in the top right corner
  3. Click on the amount you wish to give monthly, then click on the down arrow to select Monthly Donation
  4. Enter your payment information and click DONATE
  5. Celebrate! You are now a monthly menschMAKER, giving a meaningful monthly gift to Ramah in the Rockies!

THANK YOU… If you become a monthly menschMAKER, at any level, before the end of year, we will send you a small Ramah in the Rockies gift as a token of our appreciation. menschMAKERs giving at $30 or more per month will also receive our annual camp t-shirt with menschMAKER printed on the back!

Current menschMAKERs  (As of December 19, 2018)

  1. Stephen (Stevo) Feinberg – Founding menschMAKER
  2. Sam Greenberg – Founding menschMAKER
  3. Ben Tischler (Board member, Summer staff)
  4. Gabi Wasserman (Summer staff, BaMidbar Staff)
  5. Avram Pachter (Summer staff)
  6. Aviva Dollin (Summer staff)
  7. Stacy Wasserman (Year-round staff)
  8. Karen Halpert (Former camp doctor)
  9. Leah Marcus (Year-round staff)
  10. Ryan Fleischer (Summer staff)
  11. Sylvie Rosen (Summer staff)
  12. Jeffrey Harris (Year-round staff)
  13. Julia Russel (Summer staff)
  14. Talia briant (Summer staff)
  15. Michael harlow (Summer staff)
  16. Tamar moss (Summer staff)
  17. Julia chatinover (Year-round staff)
  18. AJ Bruce (Summer staff)
  19. Matt Levitt (Year-round staff)
  20. Zach Usmani (Summer staff)
  21. Margalit glasgow (Summer staff)
  22. Richard Brener (Summer staff)
  23. Rebecca Geboff (Summer staff)
  24. Rabbi Eliav Bock (Year-round staff)