Being Green

“Being Green” is not just a slogan. It is a way of life.

Ramah in the Rockies is a unique camp where Jewish living and learning intersect with environmental ethics and sustainability. In our community, we seek to live in concert with our natural surroundings. We see ourselves as stewards of the natural world, but are also willing to use modern technologies in a responsible fashion.

Here are a few of our green initiatives:


  • Setting the daily schedule to live according to the cycle of the sun
  • Incorporating high alpine farming and animal care into our program
  • Encouraging campers to appreciate their natural surroundings and to see themselves as stewards of the earth


  • Serving a mainly vegetarian, plant-based diet in the dining hall
  • Serving sustainable foods in the dining hall
  • Incorporating food education into our meals


  • Building permanent tents and buildings that leave a small footprint on the land
  • Planting trees throughout the ranch to help with reforestation
  • Using an innovative passive solar system to heat water for the shower house

Here are some links to articles and blog posts written about various Green Aspects of our camp: