Vocational Education Program

Our vocational education program provides adults (18+) with special needs an opportunity to receive job training in a camp setting. Participants have the opportunity to work in one of several job areas to develop skills such as responsibility, reliability, and efficiency. As a part of a cohort, our vocational education participants meet several times a week to engage in life skills training, social skills training, and Jewish learning together. They live in staff housing with neurotypical staff and have opportunities to engage with each other and other staff members on a regular basis.

We offer:

  • Job training in a placement in one of several program areas throughout camp (still being finalized but likely to include kitchen, art, farm and horses).
  • Life skills training such as goal setting and financial planning.
  • Social skills training
  • Jewish learning
  • Independent living (in ohel with other staff members)
  • Community experience
  • One day off each week (transportation is provided to Woodland Park or Denver)
  • $100 weekly stipend with annual increase of $10
  • Two start date options

Program Costs:
$2,500 for 4 weeks. Needs based financial aid is available.

Program requirements: 

  • Must possess ADL’s (activities of daily living/self-care skills)
  • Must be motivated to work and engage seriously in an educational program.
  • Must be able to follow camp rules (no drinking, smoking, etc).

How to Apply:
Email inclusion@ramahoutdoors.org to set up a preliminary meeting with the Director of Inclusion. This meeting is intended to assess program suitability. Application will be made available after this meeting, if appropriate.