Spring 2022 Zoom Programs

Behind the Screens: Masa!

For all Chalutzim, recommended for Solelim (7th grade) and above

Join two of our all-star counselors, Alex Hargiss and Kyle Rampp, for the ultimate camp adventure. We’ll connect, laugh, and practice skills needed for success in the backcountry over the course of three consecutive Sundays, starting March 27. Our ~45 minute zoom sessions will begin at 6pm Mountain time

Session 1: Sunday March 27, 6pm MDT

Leave No Trace: Kyle and Alex will explain the importance of the Leave No Trace principles through games, Judaism and trivia! Join us on March 27th to begin the fun-filled journey with Kyle and Alex, as well as your fellow Rockies adventurers.

Session 2: Sunday April 3, 6pm MDT

Ten Essentials: The series continues with the Ten Essentials of any Masa trip. Everything you must have before you set out on any backcountry journey. You can expect riddles, laughs and bonding during this 45 minute adventure on April 3!

Session 3: Sunday April 10, 6pm MDT

Layering and Trip-Tac-Toe: For the third and final event, learn how to layer clothing for any climate, and then go on a competitive and hilarious adventure of Trip-Tac-Toe! Everything you’ve learned from your time at camp and in this series will be put to the test in a game filled with trivia, charades, pictionary and more! Join us April 10 for the incredible finale of our series!

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