Hanukkah Programs

Letters and Lights

Sunday December 13, 5pm MST

One of our camp Torahs is being repaired by Sofer Neil Yurman. Sofer Yurman will give us a tour of some of the repairs he made to ensure that our Torah is Kosher. He will also be writing/drawing  a few special crowns to the letters of the Torah to honor those who have been part of our 2020 camp community. Join us for this engaging 45 minute presentation which will begin with the lighting of our hanukkah candles. We hope you will enjoy the light of your own menorah as we learn about the sacred art of writing and fixing a Torah.

Rockies Community Candle Lighting

Wednesday December 16, 6:30 pm MST

Join Rockies Chalutzim from around the country to light hanukkah candles & complete a fun ‘Escape Room’ Style game!

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