FreshAirBnB – Summer 2020 Rentals

Reservations for our FreshAirBnB will open on June 10th.

If you are interested in being placed on the priority list, please email Avram Pachter at with your preferred dates and housing type.

Given the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have cancelled all Ramah in the Rockies run programs. We are now left with a significant budget shortfall, and are hoping to recoup some revenue through rental of our site to individual family units (or up to two families who are socially distancing together). We are launching our FreshAirBnB site rental program from July 7 to August 16.
Rentals include a clean sleeping area with beds and mattresses, private bathrooms and showers, and refrigeration or ice for food storage.

Check-in: After 9 AM on Tuesdays Check-out: Before 5 PM on Sundays

Weekly (Tuesday – Sunday) rates are as follows:

Rental TypeAvailabilityMaximum Occupancy per GroupSleeping ArrangementsBathroomsKitchenWeekly Rate
Director’s House1 per week61 queen bed, 2 twin bunk bedsIndoor flush toilet & showerFull kosher dairy kitchen$1,200
Cabent Circle2 per week103 cabins – each with 1 twin single & 1 twin bunk bedDetached composting toilet, showerMini-fridge for food storage$1,000
Tent Circle2 per week162 camper tents, each with 7 bunk beds 2 reserved (detached) flush toilet & shower stallsUp to 4 gallons of ice provided per day, you provide the cooler$800
Tent Camping1 per week10Your own tent & camping mattress2 reserved (detached) flush toilet & shower stallsUp to 4 gallons of ice provided per day, you provide the cooler$500

Wait… you are charging what?  Why?

Let’s be clear. Our camp is facing a massive budget shortfall and we spend $325,000 just to maintain our ranch whether or not we welcome one camper or 500. We are running FreshAirBnB in order to offset a small portion of this cost. Yes it is cheaper to camp in the national forest, but let’s face it, camping with a private bathroom this season  is worth a massive premium!

You are renting a clean, private, bathroom and shower. For all areas other than the “pitch your own tent” we also are providing a clean sheltered sleeping area on real mattresses.  Each area will have a picnic table for eating and cooking as well as a contained fire ring for camp-fires (so long as they are permitted by Jefferson County). You have access to all outdoor spaces on our ranch, so long as you maintain adequate distance from the other family units sharing the ranch with you. Imagine this as a chance to camp on our beautiful ranch. 

If you rent the Director’s house you will have access to a full kosher dairy kitchen. (we’ll review the standards for those who choose this option). For all other areas we will have a small covered tent where you can prepare food, and you will have access to a picnic table and fire pit. We will however, not be providing any camping gear so please remember to bring your own supplies. 

As you would if you were camping in the national forest, you will need to store your food in a bear proof container. This can be a car (bears on our ranch are not likely to break in) or a cabent. For those in the Director’s house and the cabents we will have a fridge to store a limited amount of perishable food. For those camping in their own tents or in our camper tent areas, we will provide up to 4 gallons of ice each day for you to put in your own coolers that should be kept in your car.  

Friendly, well behaved dogs are welcome.  Please be mindful of the families renting other spaces around camp, and pick up after your dog.  We recommend keeping your dog on a leash if you are not confident they will not wander – our ranch is 360 acres!

We are providing you with a clean sleeping area (aside from “pitch your own tent” option) and a clean bathroom and shower. Electric lighting is provided in the Cabent areas, the Director’s cabin and the bathhouse. We will do trash runs every other day, and at any point you can also haul your own trash. There is no electricity in the individual camper tents. There will be very limited internet connectivity (3MB up/down) in a portion of the ranch if you need to check emails or make VOIP calls. Video conferencing from the ranch is unlikely to happen given our upload/download speeds. The internet will not reach the sleeping areas.

We will provide soap in all showers and toilet areas. We will not be providing any linen service to local families. For families flying in from afar, let us know and we can rent you sheets and towels for an extra $15 pp. (You will still need to bring your own sleeping bags).

We promise to have incredible concerts of chirping birds, awesome sunrises and tranquil starry nights. Depending on the time of month you might even see the beauty of a full moon or the magic of a night under a new moon. Walk towards our creeks and you will hear the soothing sound of rushing water. Aside from that please do not expect our regular Ramah style programs.

In the midst of the Covid 19 outbreak we are taking extra precautions to safeguard our community. As such we will not be lending any equipment to our guests. So If you want to play basketball, please bring one from home. If you need a yoga mat, bike or frisbee, please bring those too.  You will have full access to our biking & hiking trails, basketball court, and fields.  The bouldering wall will not be open.

Ramah in the Rockies will have a staff member present throughout your stay. If an issue comes up or there is an emergency, you will have a way to reach him/her immediately. Each area will have a radio communication to the person in charge. This person will also greet you when you arrive and explain safety and logistic issues to you (from at least 6 feet away) as part of your ranch orientation. 

Our team will clean and sanitize sleeping areas, toilets and showers each Monday. In addition, when you arrive on Tuesday you will sleep in a bed that has not been used for an entire week and use toilets that have not been touched for a week. We are able to do this because we will be rotating the cabins/ tents/ stalls available each week. So not only will all be cleaned, they also will have sat for a week as an extra precaution. If you need to clean during the week, all facilities will have cleaning supplies for you and your family to use.