RafiDaughertyWe know it is that time of year: when everyone is scrambling to get ready for summer camp. We wanted to make your life a bit easier, and share this top ten list with you, adapted by our Director of Camper Care, Rafi Daugherty.


1. Print up our packing list to make it easy to “check off” items you have packed!

2. Make sure everything you are sending is labeled clearly with your kid’s full name (initials aren’t enough!)  Current coupons for LabelYourStuff can be used by entering code “RAMAH”.
3. Pre-address and stamp postcards or letters home from your camper(s).

4. Make sure hiking boots are being broken in and fit well.
5. Be sure that all of your forms are filled out and that we know about any medications or special needs your child might have.
6. Talk to your kid(s) about coping skills for times at camp when they might feel lonely, sad, frustrated, or upset.
7. Start getting letters/care packages ready to send (remember that it takes longer to get mail out at camp!)
8. Brainstorm with your child(ren) about games or activities they can bring to share with their bunkmates and friends (no electronics please!)
9. Talk to your kiddo about how happy and proud you are that they are going to have this awesome summer experience! They will leave with memories that can last a lifetime!
10. Save the camper care email address “” in case you have any questions or concerns about your child at camp.

BONUS TIP: Make sure to smile and take it easy- your kid is going to have an amazing time!

Rafi, our Director of Camper Care, has prepared this great list to help gear up for camp!

  • Rafi at Boulder Pride 2013If you think your kiddo might experience sadness or homesickness at camp, practice having more sleepovers at friends’ and family’s homes. Prepare your kid with ideas for self-soothing, bedtime routines that don’t include you, and how to get help at camp if they need it. Perhaps allow your child to pick out one comfort item to bring with them (eg. a stuffed animal, a special pillowcase, one of your shirts…)

  • Tell your kid/s about your fun camp memories, why you loved camp or wish you could’ve gone, and why you value it for them. (It Family photoshould go without saying do *not* tell them scary camp stories!!)

  • Read the Camp Handbook and go over the camp schedule and routine with your kids. Talk about the expectations that camp has of them and what expectations they can have of camp. For example, let them know about our food, trips, and electronics policy.

  • IMG_9091Make sure your kids know how to take care of their personal hygiene needs (ie. Showering, brushing teeth, changing their underpants daily) without you. Their counselors will help but the kids will need to self-direct to a certain extent.

  • Follow the packing guidelines listed in the Handbook, label all of your kid’s stuff, and let them help you pack or have them pack themselves so that they know what they are bringing and are less likely to lose belongings without realizing it.

  • Shabbat BoysMake sure that we at camp know everything we need to know to help your child have a successful summer. We will keep personal information confidential but knowing what’s going on in your child’s life can help us do our best job for them. (ie. Impending divorce, death in the family (including pets!), recent issues in school)