This year, as we prepare for our seders, we are thinking about numbers: eight days of Passover, four cups of wine, three matzot, and one Elijah’s cup. We think about the year that has passed since we last gathered around the  seder table. We remember the hundreds of thousands who have died, the millions of students who have had to adjust to limited or remote  schooling and the untold numbers of people who were ill with COVID. Thankfully, we can now think about the millions more who have been vaccinated and the tens of thousands of children preparing to return to their Jewish summer camps. Here is a look at some of our own numbers at Ramah in the Rockies: 

Solar panels on our new Mirpa’ah

15,674 Pounds of CO2 saved due to the highly efficient solar arrays on our new Mirpa’ah (Health Center). We hope to raise funds to build two more arrays in the coming years.

14,000 Gallons of waste water we can process and return to the Denver water drinking supply each day in our expanded wastewater treatment plant

The front entrance of our new Chadar Ochel

4,953  Square footage of the  new dining hall we are ready to open this summer 

1,071  Square footage of our new covered dining patio

200  Maximum number of campers on site at any one time during the summer 

84  Days until we welcome our first chalutzim back to the chava (ranch)

60  Number of new Kelty  backpacks we plan to purchase for 2021

One of the chicks at DJDS

26 Chicks incubated and raised by The Denver Jewish Day School until they move to camp in June to lay eggs for our community all summer (Only the hens are invited to camp, the roosters will likely end up on someone’s dinner plate; how many of each is TBD)

20 Number of picnic tables we are purchasing for 2021 to allow for more outdoor meetings and activities.

16 horses coming to Ramah in the Rockies 

4 Additional camper tents we will construct to enable us to accommodate our community this summer

3 Raised beds we will build to begin our new kitchen garden (ultimately growing to 10+ over the next few years)

2 Additional space for campers in kayitz 2021

1 New garden and nature center opening this summer

0 Dogs currently planning to be with us at camp for the whole summer (help us “adopt” a calm kid-friendly camp dog this summer!)

Throughout the Passover season, we have a chance to take stock of our numbers. These numbers tell our story: the four cups of wine, three matzot, two seders, and one afikomen. In the Pesach spirit, we want to reflect on some of the key numbers that tell the story of Ramah in the Rockies!


Dollar amount spent razing the burned 
lodge building and restoring the land


Number of eggs we will consume 
throughout this summer at camp


Tons of dirt needed to smooth over 
the site of the burned lodge building
Read more about construction at camp!


Gallons of organic milk donated by 
Aurora Dairy throughout the summer


 Number of chickens donated to 
camp for our Sunday barbecue


Campers spending their first summer 
at Ramah in the Rockies in 2018


Number of masa’ot (excursions) 
we have planned for Summer 2018


Spaces available for campers who still 
want to join us on the ranch next summer!
Click here to register today!


Number of horses at camp – many 
are returning camper favorites!


Dogs living on site this summer that 
belong to our senior staff members 


Number of edot (age groups) at camp this 
summer (up from 5 in summers past!)
Learn more about the different edot!


NEW snack stations around the ranch, 

stocked with yummy, healthy options


  Temporary Chadar Ochel (dining tent) 
where our whole camp will eat together


Spaces left in Sayarim, our brand 
new edah for Rising 10th Graders
Click here for more info about Sayarim!