Trivia Time- Do you know all these camp facts?

Happy Passover – חג כשר ושמח

As we prepare for the Seder where we will gather and drink four cups of wine, ask four questions and sing אחד מי יודע “Who Knows One,” we wanted to stop and consider some of the numbers that will be guiding us this summer at Ramah in the Rockies.

-Rabbi Eliav

10,000Milestone of nights slept out under the Colorado stars on camping trips, which we will pass this summer
6,250Gallons of sewage that can be treated daily in our new sewage treatment plant, and then is put back into the stream, as clean water, to be drunk by Denver Water customers from Cheesman Reservoir
460Number of campers registered for this summer
Campers having their FIRST summer on the
chava [ranch]
100Tzevet members excited to share the magic of summer in the Rockies with our campers
58Days of camp-The LONGEST SUMMER SEASON of Any Jewish Camp in North America!
26Horses coming to “work” at camp this summer
20Additional campers we hope to enroll before opening day
12Campers from the State of Texas
10Showers in the new bath-house that is set to open on June 1, 2016
3New tents we are building this summer to accommodate our growing community
2Milking goats expected to come to camp this summer
1Registered Camper coming from each of these places: Indiana, Maine, Nevada, Virginia, Saskatoon, Idaho and from the Philippines, China, and England