Transportation Questions?
Families are highly encouraged to download and read our 2020 Camper Transportation Quick Facts for a complete run down of our transportation systems. 

Please contact with any questions about your child’s travel arrangements.

Campers Flying to Denver

Flights should land in Denver between 9:00 am – 11:30 am.
Flights should depart Denver between 10:15 am – 3:00 pm

There will be campers wearing their 2020 camp shirts arriving from all over the US and overseas at Denver International Airport. Campers should look for Ramah in the Rockies staff wearing bright, neon shirts that say “Camp Ramah Staff” (pictured). We will have teams of madrichim (counselors) at the airport to meet campers at their gates. If your camper is arriving within our flight window, please instruct them to wait in the gate area. Many flights arrive very closely together and our staff may just be a few gates down meeting other campers before coming to your child’s gate. Campers and staff will then go together to baggage claim, where staff will help campers to claim their luggage.

If you are dropping your camper off at the airport, the Ramah Rally Point is located next to Baggage Claim #10 on the west side of the airport. Ramah staff will be waiting here to meet campers also.

Campers will have time to fill up water bottles and use the restrooms before departing the airport for camp. Snacks or a boxed lunch will be provided depending on your child’s departure time from the airport. Some campers will arrive in time to eat lunch at camp.

Our shuttle buses typically arrive at camp by 2:30-3:30 pm.

Especially for Airline Travel

Please also include a change of clothing, sweatshirt, snacks for the flight, and any toiletries or medicine your camper might need on travel day in their carry-on bag in case your checked baggage is delayed. You may also want to give your camper a pre-paid ($25) credit card to use at the airport.

Unaccompanied Minors

If your camper(s) will be  traveling as unaccompanied minors (UM), please use the following information to complete the airline’s unaccompanied minor form:

Designated Pickup Person: Camp Ramah
Camp Name: Ramah in the Rockies
Address: 300 S. Dahlia St., Suite 205 Denver, CO 80246
Camp Phone: (303) 261-8214
Secondary Contact, if necessary: Zach Usmani, same address, (303) 261-8220

Campers Riding the HEA Shuttle

Campers should wear their 2020 camp shirt and have their daypack with a filled water bottle, hat, and a sweatshirt with them.

Plan to arrive at the Hebrew Educational Alliance (HEA) parking lot between 10:30-10:45 am. The shuttle bus will leave at 11:00 am. No lunch is provided, as they will eat lunch at camp. Campers will arrive at camp at approximately 1:00 pm. They will then check in and be welcomed by their madrichim.

The Hebrew Educational Alliance is located near I-25 and Hampden Blvd. The address is 3600 S. Ivanhoe St., Denver, CO 80237.

Driving to Camp

Please email to receive driving directions. Campers may be dropped off at camp between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm, and picked up between 9:30 am and 11:00 am.

Camp is approximately 1.5-2 hour drive from Denver.

Travel Updates/Changes

If your camper’s travel or UM (unaccompanied minor) status changes at any time before travel day, please update the online Travel Survey in CampMinder.

If the changes/updates occur on travel day, please call our office at (303) 261 -8214

We All Made It to Camp! Communications

We understand how nerve-wracking it may be between seeing your child(ren) off and waiting to hear that everyone has arrived safely.

Although campers are welcome to call home from the Denver airport, our airport team’s primary focus is getting the campers from their arrival gates to baggage claim, collecting bags, loading them onto trucks, and ensuring all campers are on the shuttle buses for the ride to camp. Our staff will not be calling families from the airport. They will be in touch with our office to communicate any issues or to notify us of the shuttle buses departing the airport for camp.

Once all of our campers have reached the chava (ranch), we will send an email to our camper families letting them know that everyone has arrived safely.

Parents are welcome to be touch with our office at (303) 261-8214.