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Reflecting on Summer 2016

Reflecting on Summer 2016:  Highlights and a Survey On most mornings over the past eight weeks, I have risen well before our chalutzim (campers) and left my log cabin to walk to the office. In this three minute walk, the words of “Modeh Ani” usually come rolling off my tongue, almost naturally, as I stop and take in the amazing […]


What’s New at Camp Ramah!

We sent this email out yesterday to all of our camp families.    Dear Camp Families and Friends, We hope the school year has started off well for you. With the opening of our Summer, 2017 registration, we have some updates to share also. Surveys We are enjoying reading the survey responses so far received […]


Weekly Email #8- Shabbat Shalom!

Another week has gone by on the ranch, and here we are at our very last day of waiting for our chalutzim (campers) to return from their masa’ot (excursions).  Our Adult Campers (who have been given the nickname of “Chachamim”- Wise Ones) went out on masa, returned to the chava (ranch), and departed for their […]


Weekly Email #7- Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat Shalom Ramah Family and Friends! Greetings from a cool and cloudy day at Ramah in the Rockies! For the first time in probably several weeks, our temperatures have dipped, the clouds rolled in, and much needed rain fell.  This has been another transition week for us here on the chava (ranch) as we said […]


Weekly Email #6- Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat Shalom Ramah Family and Friends! I am sitting in the chadar ochel an hour before lunch, Israeli music is blaring from the loudspeakers, and the sounds of chalutzim (campers) returning from masaot (excursions) fill the air outside.  Over the next three hours all our chalutzim will return from their masa’ot.  After the initial shrieks […]


Weekly Email #5- Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat Shalom Ramah Family and Friends! After a refreshing intersession with our staff and refocusing our energies on our goals at camp, the chava (ranch) is teeming with activity again.  The past two days have been full programing with chalutzim biking, climbing, creating arts and crafts, zumba dancing, mining, and so much more.  Each day […]

Hebrew At Camp: A Glossary

We use a lot of Hebrew at camp, and we do this intentionally. We teach our chalutzim Hebrew via everyday activities and announcements. As an example, in Soosim (horses) kids learn the names of parts of a horse and saddle in both Hebrew and English. Below are some of our most commonly used words in Hebrew, […]


Reflecting on Session 1

Reflecting on Session 1:  Monday, July 7, 2016 I am sitting on the porch of the dining hall in the late afternoon watching a late afternoon rain. To my left is a very wet Givat Ilanot. The shadow of Sheeprock (a local climbing mountain), the slick basketball court, and the cool breeze seem like the perfect way […]


Weekly Email #4- Shabbat Shalom!

The sun is shining, groups are returning– it’s a beautiful late afternoon on the chava (ranch)! We had stunning weather this past week and it’s truly an incredible feeling to see this chava full of 300+ chalutzim (campers), tzevet (staff), and orchim (guests). Rabbi Mitch Cohen, the National Ramah Commission Director, who is visiting this […]


Shabbat Shalom Update #1

Can you believe it? After months of planning, filling out forms, going over packing lists, and getting ready for the summer, camp is FINALLY here! Our chalutzim arrived at the ranch over the course of the day on Wednesday.  In a true Colorado fashion, we experienced both sunny skies and drizzling throughout the day as […]

Are you ready for Camp? Top 10 ways to make sure:

We know it is that time of year: when everyone is scrambling to get ready for summer camp. We wanted to make your life a bit easier, and share this top ten list with you, adapted by our Director of Camper Care, Rafi Daugherty.   1. Print up our packing list to make it easy […]


Creating a Makom Torah

Rabbi Sarah Shulman, a recently ordained Rabbi, was one of our first staff members.  This summer, she is the Director of Camp Ramah in Northern California for their inaugural summer. We are so proud to have had Sarah as one of our founding staff members, and of the great work she will continue doing at Ramah […]

Introducing our Senior Staff

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes leaders and elders to help set the tone for the community.  Ramah in the Rockies is a magical village that opens its doors for nine weeks each summer and transforms the lives of the hundreds of youth who walk through our gates.  And, […]

Important Announcement: Thank you, Matt!

Matt Levitt, our Assistant Director, will be leaving Ramah in the Rockies in June. In his next adventure he will be pursuing graduate school as he and his wife, Sara, move to Tulsa. Thank you, Matt, for all you have done for Ramah in the Rockies! I still remember in the Fall of 2009 receiving an […]

Trivia Time- Do you know all these camp facts?

Happy Passover – חג כשר ושמח As we prepare for the Seder where we will gather and drink four cups of wine, ask four questions and sing אחד מי יודע “Who Knows One,” we wanted to stop and consider some of the numbers that will be guiding us this summer at Ramah in the Rockies. -Rabbi Eliav […]

Avram’s Blog: Food at Camp

Avram Pachter, Head Chef Here at Ramah in the Rockies we take our food very seriously. Whether the various ingredients come to us via farm to table or farm to store to table, we strive to “lift the veil” on everything we do in the kitchen so our chalutzim and tzevet (staff) can be more […]

Rabbi Eliav’s Purim Update

Purim Update Rabbi Eliav Bock Greetings from the Ramah Ranch where we are enjoying another beautiful late winter day. The snow is melting and the ground is turning soggy; spring is in the air. This winter has been a very productive one at the chava. In addition to the bathhouse we are completing for this […]

Tikvah Program Update

Dear Families of Chalutzim (campers) in the Tikvah program, I would like to introduce myself- my name is Moshe Samuels, also known as Mushon, and I am the new interim Director of the Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in the Rockies. I am an experienced informal Jewish educator, with vast experience in both Israel and North […]

100 Days Until Camp!

In celebration of only 100 days left until camp! Do you want to be a part of this celebration? Sign up to create a “Countdown” photo here: Countdown until Camp sign up sheet

Ari and Matt’s Israel Trip

Ari Polsky and Matt Levitt In January, professionals from each of the Ramah camps traveled to Israel.  We gathered together for several purposes: a week of professional development for the Kerem Cohort (year round/program professionals that are “twenty something”), the annual Ramah Shabbaton in Israel, and interviews with Israeli staff for camp this summer. This […]