Grants & Scholarships

NEW! Small Community Grants

We are excited to announce a new grant program aimed at helping families from small Jewish communities who want their children to enjoy a summer at Ramah in the Rockies. A few visionary individuals have seen how significant an impact Jewish camp has on Jewish youth from smaller communities; they want to ensure that all can join us at Ramah. Therefore, any child from a small Jewish community who needs financial assistance to attend Jewish summer camp will receive at least $1,000 towards tuition, based on their address, AND if they do not have synagogue funds available.

These grant funds are specifically directed to helping youth from communities with fewer than 2,000 Jewish families.  Additional monies are available on a case-by-case basis.  Contact to learn more, and thank you for helping us spread the word!

First Time Camper Grants

Incentive grants may be available through the One Happy Camper program for campers from certain communities attending Jewish overnight summer camp for the first time, regardless of financial need. After applying and paying your deposit to Ramah in the Rockies, please go to to see if you qualify. First time campers coming from communities without OHC funds may be able to receive a grant through Ramah’s Rishon first time camper program. Funds are extremely limited and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Need-Based Financial Aid

At Ramah in the Rockies, we are committed to ensuring that all Jewish children have the opportunity to engage in the magic of intentional Jewish living in a rustic outdoor environment. We have a variety of need-based assistance, location-based assistance, and first time camper incentives available. All need-based assistance is allocated on a first come, first served basis beginning in October 2018, and will be distributed until it is gone.

To apply for need-based financial assistance, please submit a request letter explaining your situation, including a specific dollar amount of your scholarship request, even if you indicated a request amount on your camper’s online application.

Please include:

  1. A copy of the first two pages of your tax return
  2. Copies of schedules A, B, C & D, if applicable
  3. How much you spend annually on travel
  4. Whether you are applying for additional assistance from other sources, including your local Jewish federation or synagogue.

Request letters and financial documents should be sent to:

Mr. Jeff Goodman
National Business Manager
National Ramah Commission, Inc.
3080 Broadway
New York, NY  10027

You may also email your request to  Jeff can be reached directly at (212) 280-6134.

Please note: If you send password protected files you MUST also provide the password – or else your application may be delayed or declined. Please be sure to specify in your request letter that your camper is enrolled at Ramah in the Rockies so that your request is properly routed. The National Ramah office receives scholarship requests for multiple Ramah camps. While the committee tries to honor requests, it also strives to serve many families with the limited funds available. We also encourage you to approach your local Rabbi or Jewish Federation to request support to send your child to Jewish camp.

Please contact our Chief Operating Officer, Matt Levitt, at with any questions. All requests for financial aid are treated with the highest degree of confidentiality.



The National Ramah Commission and Ramah in the Rockies acknowledges with thanks the generous support of the AVI CHAI Foundation and the Zell Family Foundation in making the Ramah Open Door Program possible.